Luxury Organic Black Mascara



Sparta Beautiful luxury organic black mascara.

Sparta Beautiful luxury organic black Mascara, limitless lashes that go above and beyond. Our organic and waterproof, all natural mascara is buildable and flake-free. watch as our mascara curls, lifts and lengthens by adding just the right amount of volume.

How does this work? Sparta Beautiful mascara’s lightweight and nourishes your lashes.  made with organic beeswax. The beeswax weightlessly conditions each lash while keeping them lifted through your day.  Due to the organic origin, our formula is gentle enough for sensitive eyes. our 99% naturally derived formula contains organic shea Butter and fortifying arginine. keratin will help boost and enhance lashes naturally.  shea butter is know for its important ceramides and moisturizing factors as well. therefore, our mascara grows your lashes while you wear our luminous formula.

Why is Sparta beautiful mascara superior to those on the market?

We use natural beeswax to deliver a protective layer on the lash. It also doubles as a humectant which means it attracts water. Due to this fact, both of these qualities help the hair and lash remain hydrated. your  lashes look thick and lush. organic beeswax a powerful anti oxidant and is a natural moisturizer. we use only the best ingredients in our products. Therefore, Sparta Beautiful believes in the importance of using organic materials when possible.

How does organic and moisturizing elements improve the look of my eyelashes?

Due to the fact that our luxury organic black mascara contain ceramides, lash growth will be encouraged. That is not the only advantage. The moisturizing aspect will deliver lashes that healthy glow when using our organic mascara.

Sparta Beautiful luxurious cosmetics contain all natural pigments, never harsh.  due to the fact that we use the best quality ingredients, our organic mascara color last and effortlessly removes with water or oil free solution.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in

Water, Ammonium Styrene, Copolymer, Wax, Bytclarbamate, PEG 100 coloring.


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