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Hydra Pen Dr Pen, Auto hand held pen, to use with Sparta Beautiful serums. create collagen naturally! How do you accomplish this? when you biĀ  weekly derma roll. The Hydra pen is the leading micro pin needling system on the market. According to dermatologist and skin experts, derma rolling is one of the only ways to make collagen naturally. as you derma roll, tiny puncture holes are made to the skin. those small puncture holes create tiny wounds that must heal. How do they heal? They heal by making collagen. as we age, we lose our ability to make collagen. therefore, our skin looks tired and small lines appear. However, something as simple as derma rolling can help us to obtain plump, hydrated skin.

The areas that derma roller benefits are the following: reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. Reduces acne scaring and skin discoloration. Softens skin and overall appearance. can increase skin thickness. Facial rejuvenation. Enhances the use of essence products. Firms fine lines and helps fight oily skin. Did you know you can derma roll your scalp? Derma rolling the scalp can help reduce hair loss by activating the hair follicle. It is important to penetrate the skin with the derma roller. After each use, Satanize your roller before and after.

is it safe to derma roll with the hydra pen dr pen? you may feel tiny prickles; however, it shouldn’t hurt. You may feel and look like you have a slight sunburn. however, you can resume regular activities. It is important to wear sun protection as the skin if fresh from rolling. Pair with sparta beautiful collagen and retinol serums for amazing results. (we sell sparta luxury derma roller and serum kits in the shop) As you progress, there are a variety of derma roller lengths for deeper facialĀ  sessions. these are only recommend once the skin adjusts to each pin size. Refer to our hyaluronic acid serum in the shop for optimal results.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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