Silicon Facial Mask



Sparta Beautiful silicon Facial mask.

pair silicon facial mask with BB glow sessions or serum essence treatments. this washable mask will trap hydration and serum essence ingredients deep within the skin. Simply apply BB glow products then the washable silicon mask. Using serum essence? pair with our wonderful mask or serum below.

Sparta Beautiful Retinol serum, is the sister of Retina A. Retina A is a powerful anti aging properties. Retinol is responsible for regenerating healthy skin cells. retinol can decrease the appearance of fine lines.  our serum combats Crows feet and minor Marionet creases.  It further clears the complexation. How does it accomplish this? by shrinking the appearance of pore size and skin discoloration when derma rolling regularly.

Powerful peptides (polypeptides) are amino acids made of proteins for the skin. Amino acid is the building block for collagen. feed your face with amino acids by using our Retinol Serum. Peptides are champion anti oxidants for the skin. The master of nourishing the complexation.

Use our silicon facial mask with serums for superior essence absorption.

collagen is responsible for skin renewal.  it is a natural dermal filler. How is collagen like a dermal filler? As we age, we lose collagen. Help replenish your skins collagen with our retinol serum to plump fine lines. How do we further soften the skin? by adding further deep hydration, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar our body makes. as we age it too decreases and our skin loses subtleness and elasticity.  this serum instantly plumps skin while fighting the signs of aging.

Sparta Beautiful retinol serum uses the highest quality and concentrate of ingredients. the set includes a luxury 340 pin derma roller. We off a 3 ml size that last three to four treatments. How to use. lather the face and neck area with serum. Gently derma roll the face. Ensure the face is coated with serum to ensure it absorbs. the same applies when you micro needle. As a result, skin is brighter, a renewed complexion appears.  How does this happen? Due to our high content of hyaluronic acid, Retinol, collagen and peptides. Sparta Beautiful Retinol serum is vitamins for the skin.



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