Sparta Beautiful EyeBrow Filler Pencil


An All Natural, Eyebrow Mechanical Pencil and Brush in one.



Sparta Beautiful EyeBrow Filler Pencil. Sparta’s organic ultimate luxurious eyebrow perfecter pencil is an easy to use waterproof, all organic¬† pencil. Made from natural organic beeswax, blends like a powder and adjust to match your brows. The ultra fine retractable tip creates your own tailor made strokes. How is this possible? it is possible as our retractable tip mimics the look of real brow hair. Our luxurious colors is smart pigment technology with all organic materials. Therefore, the effect is microscopic mirrors, reflecting your natural eyebrow color for a perfect match every time you wear our colors. Our formula further includes shea butter and ceramides which are moisturizing factors.

Why is sparta beautiful eyeBrow filler pencil superior to those on the market? We use natural beeswax that delivers a protective layer on the skin. It also doubles as a humectant which means it attracts water. Due to this fact, both of these qualities help the skin remain hydrated. your brows look thick and lush. organic beeswax is a powerful anti oxidant and a natural exfoliator for the skin. organic beeswax is ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells. Therefore, Sparta Beautiful believes in the importance for using organic materials when possible.

How does organic and moisturizing elements improve the look of my eyebrows? Due to the fact that our brow fill contains ceramides, growth is encouraged. That is not the only advantage. The moisturizing aspect give your brows that healthy glow when using our organic brow filler pencil.

Sparta Beautiful offers luxurious shades from taupe to reds. Our pigments are natural, not harsh.  However, due to the fact that we use the best quality ingredients, our organic pencil has lasting staying power. Our mechanical pencils is easy to operate and has a safety. simply twist the bottom counter clock wise.


Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in

Black, Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Coffee, Gray, Light Brown


Candelilla, Beeswax, Copernican, Palmitate, Triglyceride, Methylparaben


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